BIM: Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming ‘business as usual’ in design offices and on construction sites. Investors, designers and general contractors have spotted the potential benefits of digitization and are increasingly willing to implement new technologies and processes. With BIM, users can plan, design, construct and manage sustainable high-rise buildings via an intelligent model, which for instance helps to uncover potential inconsistencies in the input drawings, dimensioning errors, constructability issues, code-related issues, architectural issues or maintenance issues. BIM also helps to identify space constraints and to re-work and eliminate wastage.

At Wefatherm, we see BIM as a significant time, cost and space saver at every stage of a project. That is why we invest in Revit content packages for BIM with intelligent assistance. The built-in smart routing allow you to drastically reduce your design time. Creating accurate building designs has never been faster.

The smart files will help you to automatically pick the right products for all your direction changes, branches and other junctions. Change in diameter and reducers are placed automatically without the hassle to re-enter your library. Integrated push-fit insertion and butt-weld jointing losses create truly accurate pipe lengths. The Wefatherm Revit content packages create true ‘as built’ designs.