Ensure reliability

For over 30 years Wefatherm water supply systems have been used in applications with high requirements for durability and reliability.
Focused on innovation and quality, Wefatherm provides water supply systems that meet the highest German demands for quality.

Quality products

Wefatherm PP products have been developed and manufactured according to the highest ISO and DIN standard for hot and cold water installations in PP material. Wefatherm carries many internationally recognized approvals.

Quality Systems

On-site project support, training and consulting of engineers and installers means that everyone at Wefatherm aims to provide you with the maximum quality installed system possible.

Wefatherm water supply systems installed according to our high standards means that you can have the peace of mind in terms of hygiene, long term reliability and sustainability.

Quality Material

High resistance to internal pressure, flexibility and impact resistance make PP the ideal material for safe and reliable installations. Wefatherm PP has been applied for hot and cold water applications in countries worldwide.


Find out where you can apply Wefatherm water supply systems.

BIM: Building Information Modeling

Wefatherm Revit content packages for BIM allow you to create accurate building designs even faster. Our smart files will help you automatically pick the right products for all direction changes, branches and other junctions. Creating truly “as built” designs.