Wefatherm Double Union Ball Valve – DUAL BLOCK®

Published on June 22nd, 2022.

Wefatherm introduces its newest product: Double union ball valve – DUAL BLOCK®

This new ball valve, available in dim. 20 – 63 mm, is a 2-way True Union ball valve with locked carrier, lockable union nuts and female ends for socket welding.

Wefatherm Double union ball valve – DUAL BLOCK® offers a variety of advanced features such as the patented SEAT STOP® carrier, a high-quality stem and ball support system, and a multifunctional locking handle. The patented DUAL BLOCK® system locks the union nuts in a preset position, preventing back-off due to vibration or thermal cycling. Deep grooves, thick O-rings, and cushioned Teflon seats contribute to strong seals.

Product features

  • Top quality industrial PP-RCT ball valve with double unions and fusion end sockets.
  • Body, unions, end sockets made of PP-RCT, ball and stem made of PP-H
  • Patented SEAT STOP® ball seat carrier system to micro-adjust ball seats and minimize axial force effects.
  • Patented DUAL BLOCK® system allowing locking of the union nuts in a preset position, assuring seal integrity.
  • Easy radial disassembly allowing quick replacement of O-rings and ball seats without any need for tools.
  • Option of disassembling downstream pipes with the valve in closed position.
  • Floating full-bore ball with high quality surface finish.
  • Ball seat carriers can be adjusted using the handle insert.
  • Complying with EN ISO 16135, suitable for 20°C/10 bar.

Technical information

All technical data related to the Wefatherm Double union ball valve – DUAL BLOCK® can be found in our brochure 

BIM content

The new Wefatherm Double union ball valve – DUAL BLOCK is already included in our latest REVIT dataset.