Our environmental statement

High priority

Environmental performance has a high priority within Wefatherm. This concerns for instance the care about health, common welfare and safety of our personnel, our relationship with our consumer/customer of our products and neighbours of the Wefatherm buildings, as well as other external interested parties. Also the total impact of our operation to the environment belongs to our priorities.

ISO 14001

Wefatherm will always do everything possible to improve our environmental performances. We fully conform to the requirements of ISO 14001 and the valid legislations and regulations. On this, we adopt the ALARA-principle: As Low As Reasonably Achievable’.

To realise this, we aim for:

  • An integrated Management System in which quality and environment have a high priority. We always will strive for continuous improvements.
  • Protection of the environment as an important aspect in our product development (cradle to cradle principle for instance).
  • A valuable cooperation with our stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers, governments, employees and other interested parties) to create a good responsible attitude.

Environment and sustainability

Every year, Wefatherm submits the environmental data for testing as part of the certification process – information on the most important environmental aspects of production is listed so that the environmental performance can be examined and documented.

Besides the examination, you will find for every important environmental aspect a program (planning) which contains the efforts which will be made to meet or maintain our environmental objectives and goals.

Green Building Product Certification

The Wefatherm PP-R Water Supply System has been certified by the Singapore Green Building Council as Very Good Green Building product.

Within the Singapore rating system the application of SGBP certified products can score additional points for the sustainability of specific sites.